Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Blog, Another Sandwich?

It's really unlike me to make sandwiches so much. This recipe really is one of 10 sandwich recipes I have ever come up with in my life. Oh, well.... this is another great sandwich and I want to share. I have a ton of recipes I will be sharing that aren't between two pieces of bread, but that's for another post.
As I have been saying, I'm not looking at fat grams, calories or any other number. My goal is to be healthy. I'm trying to fill my body with as little processed, packed foods as I can. Surprisingly enough, this is the least stress I have ever felt about my diet. Call it a lifestyle change!?!?! It sure is.
Well, I made this sandwich for dinner tonight and it is a meal in itself. I served some roasted red potatoes and then some fresh sliced oranges. It was super easy and healthy! The only thing you may not have is a panini grill or a Forman grill. If you don't, you can make this sandwich on the stove the way you would make a grilled cheese.

2 slices of Whole Grain Bread
Apricot or Peach Preserves
Brie Cheese
Thick Sliced Turkey ( I just ask for this from the deli)

1. Toast the bread while the grill is heating up
2. Afterwards spread the preserves on both slices of the bread
3. Put on slice of turkey, then a slice of Brie
4. Top with three or four slices of avocado and then the other slice of bread
5. Throw this into you grill and press down, squeezing the sandwich for about 5 min.
6. Slice in half, serve and enjoy!!!

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